Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Five Popular Digital Roles Explained

As a seasoned recruiter within the digital world I am often asked to explain what the key digital roles are and what they entail so I have put this list together. It’s only a starting point and every role is different depending on the sector, company and individual, but I feel I have given a Recreational Vehicle: Redefining Luxury good overview for anyone looking to understand the industry better or perhaps take a side step into something a bit different.

Digital Producer/ Online Producer/ Senior Produce

Overview: Agency-side digital producers ensure the great ideas have a perfect execution. A very creative, demanding yet rewarding role.

Client-side, they are often more like mayelevenblogmix project managers, digital marketers, strategy and ideas people. They may also be more technical or perhaps more on the creative side. They usually have well rounded digital skills.

Key skills required: Planning, project management, naturally creative and an ideas person, basic digital marketing skill set, social media and display advertising and budget management skills. Ability to think ‘out-of-the-box’ an advantage and keep one-step ahead of the latest techniques and methods. Client-side – agency management is key as they will deliver a lot of your work with you.

Earnings potential: Entry level – 20-25K. Mid-level – 26-35K. Senior Level – 35K plus.

Online Marketing roles (Online Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Manager):

Overview: Usually client-side. The role can vary depending on the sector and fit within a team but usually this is an all-encompassing digital marketing role allowing the person to utilise all Affordable Koh Samui Flights their key skills such as campaign development, management and analysis.

It’s common for Superior Papers As a Custom Writing Company offline professionals to make the transition to online, which can be an advantage. Having sales and/or product experience could be useful. Most importantly this kind of role is very commercially focused and results driven.

Key skills and experience: Strategic and creative thinker with sound business skills. Ability to execute campaigns of varying sizes. Search marketing mix, email marketing, social media and budget management skills. Understand and use of 00000024 Ntfs business reporting and analysis tools to show ROI. Sometimes team management skills are required. Experience running display campaigns – confidence in negotiating rates as well agency management.

Earnings potential: Entry level – 18-25K. Mid-level – 26-40K. Senior Level – 40K plus.

Ecommerce Manage

Overview: Usually a client-side role. The ecommerce manager will usually be responsible for a channel or website that generates revenue. The role is therefore very results focused. Strategic skills and ability to implement all online marketing disciplines such as SEO/PPC/email/. Affiliates and client management are key.

Ecommerce managers are often tasked with looking after customer acquisition, retention and loyalty but often working alongside other digital specialists such as an online marketing manager, project manager and analytics manager.

Key skills and experience: Strong commercial skills and Windows System32 Windows numerical. Project management, basic digital marketing and advertising skill set. Good presenter. Budget management skills. Ability to use the web analytics and other CRM systems for reporting on key performance indicators. Team management. Agency management.

Earnings potential: Entry level – 20-25K. Mid-level – 26-40K. Senior Level – 40K plus.

SEO Manage

Overview: Agency or client-side role. The advantage of agency-side will be the variety of clients but without as Can A Display Driver Error Be A Monitor much detail and focus as an in-house role. More often than not the SEO Manager How To Do A Local Job Search will report into the Head of Marketing/Online Marketing/Ecommerce/Digital.

They will have a good blend of technical and creative SEO skills and must be comfortable explaining things to non-technical colleagues as well as showing ROI. They will also have experience and in-depth understanding of web production techniques, online marketing and campaign management.

Key skills and experience: Understanding of web production techniques, copywriting, content management, content strategy, PR and basic digital marketing skill set. Budget management skills. Ability to use the web analytics and Access Sql Server Error 10048 other SEO systems for reporting on key performance indicators. Agency management.

Earnings potential: Entry level – 15-25K. Mid-level – 26-40K. Senior Level – 40K plus.

Web/Online Manage

Overview: Mostly a client-side role. Not overly technical – such roles would be Production Manager, Web Systems, Web Development. A very all-encompassing role with responsibility for a B2B or B2C website/s. Ensuring sites are W3C compliant, offer a good user experience and deliver results. May involve devising and managing a merchandising or content strategy.

The role often sits within marketing departments in non-digital companies. They will usually have sole responsibility for the web development and design agency Winchester Winclean as well as any other web agencies. They may have executives working for them and helping with the less senior parts of the role. It can be a broad role and it can also cross-over with Ecommerce Manager and Online Marketing roles.

Key skills and experience: Good understanding of web production techniques including Information Architecture (IA), web languages, usability, copywriting, content management. Skilled web analytics user. Agency and budget management. Ability to simplify the online world and explain to peers as well as Directors and gain company buy-in.

Earnings potential: Entry level – 20-25K. Mid-level – 26-45K. Senior Level – 45K plus.

Gail Kenny is the managing director of http://puregenie.com, one of the UK’s leading online recruitment agencies specialising in digital media and ecommerce jobs. Launched back in 2006, they have rapidly earned a reputation as one Has Tiger Woods Lost His Bite? of the best recruiters of talented online managers within the travel sector.

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